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Phantom Black Velvet Durag

Shop the Phantom Black velvet durag at ShyneDurags — FREE Shipping.

The elite waver’s secret or the rookie’s helper, this Shyne Velvet Durag will take your waves, braids or locks to the next level! The super long ties and stretchy material provide a snug fit for remarkable compression during the wolfing stage or to reinforce your existing wave patterns.

Fabricated with premium soft velvet material on the exterior and a polyester liner on the inside work, this durag locks in moisture without absorbing hair products and grease. The thick luxurious texture also lends insulation for cold-weather and enough strength to make ripping a challenge.

Enjoy the form-fitting design, day and night, and culture the ultimate waves, braids or locks with this velvet durag!   


• Premium Velvet Fabrication

• High Quality Stitching

• Excellent Moisture Locking
• Lightweight and Breathable
• Long & Wide Straps for Extra Hold
• Washing Machine Friendly


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