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Obsidian Black Silky Durag

Shop the Obsidian Black silky durag at ShyneDurags — FREE Shipping.

Lay back and get flex-worthy waves, braids or locks with our best-selling smooth and silky durag! Combining function and finesse, this durag not only nurtures your hair, but lends extra style and Shyne complimenting any fit.

Silky and breathable, the fabric locks moisture in allowing your hair to stay intact all day long. This also prevents static and keeps the frizz away. Offering the most compression compared to your average durag, the silky material is perfect for creating 360 waves, 180 waves and more. It stops friction and creates optimal protective compression to all hairstyles as you sleep.

Aesthetically, it neither fades nor frays even after multiple uses and washes. The Shyne Silky Durag goes beyond your expectations as its design and delivery are unmatched. 


• Premium Silky Material 
• Long and Wide Straps
• High Quality Stitching
• Superior Hair Compression 
• Static-Proof & Wrinkle-Free
• Made for All Genders
• Washing Machine Friendly  


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