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Hard Bristle Curved Wave Brush

Shop the WaveActivator Palm Brush (Hard) at ShyneDurags — FREE Shipping. Our WaveActivating brushes are filled with the finest quality boar bristles.

Break the tides with our wave activating palm brush. Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned veteran on a 6 week wolf, this hard bristle wave brush will be your key to flawless waves and effortless all-round grooming.

Train and lay your waves without a fuss with the hard wave brush! Deepening your wave pattern, this brush is designed to follow the head’s natural contour for the perfect ‘do every time. Ideal for all stages of waving, the brush size and natural wooden handle fits perfectly in your hand, with high-quality bristles which help to shift, connect, and work through the depth of your hair strands while stopping frizziness in its tracks. This wave brush helps pick up oil from your scalp and apply it directly to your follicles for a healthy Shyne and deeper scalp stimulation.

Feel free to use this brush on your beard or moustache too – it’s ideal for easy upkeep on your grooming needs! 

The ShyneDurags™ hard bristled curved brush boasts a high gloss jet black finish. 


• Ergonomic Design for Maximum Scalp Coverage
• Easy-Grip Wooden Handle
• Pocket & Travel Friendly Design
• Versatile Use
• Deep Scalp Stimulation

NOTE: This brush is NOT suitable for wash & style. Where possible avoid fully submerging the wooden handle to maintain the high gloss finish.

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