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Phantom Black Velvet Durag

Shop the Phantom Black velvet durag at ShyneDurags — FREE Shipping.

The elite waver’s secret or the rookie’s helper, this Shyne Velvet Durag will take your waves to the next level! The super long ties and stretchy material provide a snug fit for remarkable compression during the wolfing stage or to reinforce your existing wave patterns.

Fabricated with premium soft velvet material on the exterior and a polyester liner on the inside work, this durag locks in moisture without absorbing hair products and grease. The thick luxurious texture also lends insulation for cold-weather and enough strength to make ripping a challenge.

Enjoy the form-fitting design, day and night, and culture the ultimate waves, braids or locks with this velvet durag!   


• Premium Velvet Fabrication
• High Quality Stitching
• Excellent Moisture Locking
• Lightweight and Breathable
• Long & Wide Straps for Extra Hold
• Washing Machine Friendly

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