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Wave-Activator Soft Bristle Curved Brush

Shop the WaveActivator Palm Brush (Soft) at ShyneDurags — FREE Shipping. Our WaveActivating brushes are filled with the finest quality boar bristles.

Break the tides with our wave activating palm brush. Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned veteran on a 6 week wolf, this brush will be your key to flawless waves and effortless beard grooming.

The ShyneDurags™ soft bristled WaveActivator boasts a high gloss natural wood finish. 

Our Palm Brush features:

Ergonomic design: The contour of the brush is shaped to fit the head for maximum coverage and faster waving results. This innovative design also makes our brush ideal for beard grooming.

Versatile: Reinforced natural boar bristles make for the perfect blend to groom any hair texture.

Scalp stimulation: Bristles are positioned to reach deep areas of the scalp promoting better blood-flow and deeper conditioning.

NOTE: This brush is NOT suitable for wash & style. Where possible avoid fully submerging the wooden handle to maintain the high gloss finish.

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